Angelina Darling

My name is Angelina Darling. I am 13 years old, and I am in the 8th grade. I have three brothers and two nieces. I am currently a cheerleader for our Junior All American Football League for our town. I cheer for my brother’s team. I am looking forward to becoming a cheer coach next year for the younger cheerleaders. For extra activities I enjoy going on trips to the desert to ride dirt bikes and quads with my dad, brother, uncles and cousins. Along with these activities I love hiking, running and being in the mountains or at the beach.

As for when I began singing I started when I was 2-3 years old. My grandma would be watching me and my little brother and I would always want to dress up and sing. My favorite at the time was Tim McGraw’s “Like a bird I sing”. From there I continued to sing for my grandma and grandpa, or when we had family gatherings. When I turned 6 years old my grandma found a vocal coach for me. I would practice one day a week to see what type of voice I really had. My first talent show was at 7 years of age, I sang a Katy Perry song “Firework”. From there I entered in our hometown (Yucaipa) talent show during our Spring Festival. I won the talent show two years in a row. I was then invited to the Beaumont Summer Concert in the park to open up for Brian McKnight after I performed originally for my vocal coach’s kid’s event she was hosting. The staff or persons who hosted the event enjoyed hearing me sing during our kids and asked me to open for Brian McKnight. I had no idea there would be 1000-2000 people present. I love all music, all singers and bands. Sam Smith, Carrie Underwood, ACDC, Sam Cook, Adele, Aerosmith, Chris Ledoux, Ed Sherann just to name a few.

I love singing and hearing the different ways my voice produces a song. I love to take a song and make the way I think it could take on a different sound or feeling. Music is fun to me and tells a story.

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