Alyssa Pajak

Alyssa Pajak is a 15-year-old who loves spending time with animals, reading, writing, acting, babysitting, and – of course – singing. She has been heavily involved in theater since 2014. She loves to participate in community theatre and has enjoyed performing in multiple productions with the Macomb Civic Theater.

Alyssa attends Troy High School in Troy, Michigan. Although she is only in her first year there, she is already actively involved in the spring musical and is a part of the school’s vocal music program.

Alyssa is also actively involved with the Rochester Conservatory of Music in Rochester, Michigan. Here, she studies vocal music and music theory. Alyssa dreams of becoming a professional opera singer, and she enjoys her studies and the challenges with which the conservatory presents her. She takes individual lessons and also participates in recitals and performance workshops.

Alyssa began singing in various vocal competitions in 2015. She has competed in both group settings and individual ones with the Michigan Music Association and the American Guild of Music. She has sung everything from pop to Broadway and, yes, opera and has won multiple awards.

In addition to music, Alyssa invests a great deal of time and love in animals large and small. She is the proud owner of two dogs, two guinea pigs, and one cat. Eevee, her most recently adopted pet, is a Hurricane Harvey rescue dog who, believe it or not, loves to join in with Alyssa on her operatic high notes.

Alyssa is excited to be involved in Celebration of Music and is looking forward to the May 5 show at the Detroit Music Hall.

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