Alyssa Lazar

Alyssa Lazar is a 20 year old musician from the Scranton, PA area who has been performing weekly shows around Northeastern, PA since the start of high school, but singing since she was 3 years old. She is now a Commercial Voice major at Belmont University with an emphasis in songwriting, and performing around Nashville weekly. From placing 1st in the State for songwriting competitions beginning at the age of eleven to performing at venues such as the Little League World Series, presidential rallies, the Bitter End in NYC, and the famous Bluebird Café, Alyssa has put every moment possible and every bit of herself in to advancing her music career.

Alyssa began on the path of music when she started singing to Martina McBride, Celine Dion, and Reba McEntire CDs that her mother played everyday in the car when she was three years old. Since then, Alyssa never questioned what she would do with her life; music. Growing up, Alyssa sang anywhere that she could, from her kindergarten classroom to local football games, to cantoring at her church every week.

After getting a piano at the age of nine, Alyssa quickly started composing music and writing songs, which became as prominent to her life as a musician as singing was. Piano has influenced her music and writing style greatly. Alyssa began playing weekly at most every bar in her hometown at the age of fifteen, this unpredictable experience molding her into the old-souled, boundless, and fiery musician and person she has become, displaying a sense of wisdom far beyond her years within her music. Her lifetime passion for rock and roll music that she inherited from her parents mixed with her abilities as a pianist eventually brought her to her primary artistic inspirations, which include Elton John, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, Queen and Billy Joel. Alyssa’s dream has been to be a musical artist since the time she first began singing. Having faced an immense amount of rejection and heartbreak that everyone who pursues music is bound to face, Alyssa has grown stronger and stronger as both a musician and as a dreamer. Lazar believes that there is nothing more powerful than music, and wants to restore popular music to be as passionate and fearless as the ones she looks up to (such as Elton John and Elvis Presley) had created it to be. The honest, wise, and unapologetic demeanor of classic rock and roll music is exactly what Alyssa Lazar lives every day to put in to her own music.

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