Alondra Martinez

Hello everyone my name is Alondra Martinez. I am 18 years old. I am an only child. I wanted to start by saying thank you in joining me in this journey with celebration of music. I am a singer / actress. I have been blessed to have met some wonderful people that have helped me and continue to help me through my journey. I have a wonderful support system including family and friends and a great team by my side. As you can see in my photos I've had some great experiences I got to meet legendary people I have had the privilege to perform in front of and with legendary people. Brandy Sanders has given me great opportunities I have the privilege of saying that I am a Nu Skool Sings Old School member. It is a nonprofit organization out of LA. Carollyn DeVore from DeVore Studios has provided me with many opportunities to showcase my talent. KP Phagnasay from KP 1 Studios has helped me grow tremendously throughout this journey. I can honestly say I am part of a great team. I hope that due to me singing and acting I can touch lives and make a difference and be living proof that with God and a wonderful family/team/fans anyone can reach for the stars and become one!

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