Hello. My name is Aaliyah Ramdeo. I am 13 years old and I will be attending the Academy for Film and Television this fall. A little bit about me would be that I am a very humble person and I love my family very much. Since I was 8 years old, I never really had my father in my life. As a result, my mother and sisters have always been my greatest form of support. Music is my life and I cannot not live without it. I express how I'm feeling through writing and singing. I won the Amateur Night competition at the world famous Apollo Theater two times in a row. I recently became a finalist in the Hand Me The Mic competition for Jeffery Osborne's Celebrity Classic Show. I also got to perform during the New York Knicks half time show this spring. My younger sister and I formed a duo group call Trin-Sisters. We often perform in the New York City subway on Times Square - 42nd Street or 14th Street - Union Square. Together, we have already released three original songs and we have three more that we are about to release this fall. I appreciate the support and receiving this opportunity will definitely help my musical career advance to a whole new level. Thank you.

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