3rd° Burns

If anyone asks, "What is the Young Musicians Community and who is 3rd° Burns?"

First we ask you to listen to our 'About us' Video https://vimeo.com/128187866

Let's start with our Mission Statement:

Provide the FREE training of God's gifts of music and to ALL children of all ages, all races, sexual orientation, religion and all social statuses, for the benefit of their self-value and confidence to help them enter the world as an adult with skills that will benefit them their entire lives.

Who we are:

It is a group of students who sing, play instruments and perform classic rock, plus rock songs of today. The students are of varying ages and their band is called 3rd Degree Burns. They are sponsored by a non-profit organization called the Young Musicians Community (YMC). This program is unique in that it is a NO-pay-to-play program. That's right--students don't pay a dime! YMC and 3rd° Burns even give out annual scholarships to graduating seniors!

Members of 3rd° Burns can utilize professional band and sound equipment while they are taught the ins and outs of performing in a real "rock" band. Guitar-playing students are offered personal lessons, while singers receive instructions from a voice coach, and we hope to offer free lessons on other instruments soon. In addition, students learn the necessity of teamwork and the value of mentorship. As members learn and grow, they are required to be positive role models and mentors to newer members, until finally members need to move on as they go off to college and/or pursue other goals in their future.

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