Trinity Robain

Trinity Robain is a very talented nine year old born in Brooklyn, NY who loves to sing, dance and act. She has always had a passion for singing, some would say she was born with it. Trinityʼs Mom has had a major impact on her as a young up and coming performer. She would sing Gospel and R&B songs around the house every day and young Trinity started out by singing along with her Mother. Trinity also was fond of the music selections that were being sang at her local Church.

At the age of five, Trinity and her family relocated to Florida. There, her passion for music grew stronger and stronger. Trinity worked diligently to perfect her craft and she began to perform in front of various audiences. Trinity joined the kids ministry for her local Church and almost immediately made an imprint. She led the kids praise and worship team in the kids church. Also, Trinity was selected as the first child to ever perform live for the main sanctuary (a crowd of 500 plus) during the Churchʼs annual Christmas production.

Trinity also participated in an annual talent competition called Fun Arts. Fun Arts is a talent competition held in Orlando, FL where kids from various Churches go to showcase their talents. Trinity competed in several different categories, which included choir, praise and worship dancing and solo vocalist. She came in first place in the entire competition for solo vocalist, which was huge personal accomplishment of hers.

Trinity is currently preparing to perform at the Celebration of Music, which is taking place at the Murray Hill Theatre in Jacksonville, FL in April of 2019. She has been working day and night to put forth her best efforts and give the audience a performance to remember. Trinity will be showcasing her talents for the world to see, so look out for her!

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