Teagan Hill

You have probably seen a lot of bios full of meaningful things about people and their love for music. Well, I was going to write mine the same way, but I will try and keep it short and sweet. My name is Teagan Hill, I am 15 years old and I have been singing since the time I could talk. My voice lets me find joy when nothing else can and it gives me something to be proud of. I enjoy singing around town and seeing all the smiles on peoples faces when they sit and listen. I also write some of my own music. My two favorite genres of music would have to be country music and musical theater. When I am not singing, I am doing my next favorite thing, riding horses. It has always been my dream to combine the two in perhaps a music video or somehow incorporate my love for horses with my voice. I am so appreciative of my family and everything they do for me. My number one supporter is my dad. He takes me to all of my performances and always cheers me on. I think that about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed a little bit about me, and why I do what I do. Thanks for reading!

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