Nathan Vinson

Nathan Vinson was born January 27th, 1995 in Tyler Texas to Don and Jami Vinson. He was the last member of his family to be born after his siblings J.T., Mel and Zac. He spent a good portion of his childhood moving around the country before finally settling in the small town of San Angelo where he’s spent the largest portion of his life.

Nathan comes from a family of musicians. Following in the footsteps of his parents and oldest brother, Nathan really started to get deeply involved with learning the art of singing, playing the keyboard and performing. He started a band when he was 14 called “Seventh Day” which lasted a little while with a surprising amount of success for a bunch of kids. After that band dissolved Nathan still did sing with school choirs, perform for various occasions, and even make some videos of his songs to put on the internet however, for several years he did not put his full heart and effort into pursuing music.

Fast forward to April of 2017, Nathan finally had finally built up the drive and passion to put the band back together again. Bringing back most of his old band members (Brandon Ramos, J.D. Boon, Santana Velasquez) along with the addition of his brother J.T. Vinson, they formed one of San Angelo’s hottest fastest rising bands, “Drawing A Blank”. Recently they have also added two new members as well in Corby Maskill and Brandon Batten. Since they started out Drawing A Blank has had a lot of success taking over the town of San Angelo. Over the last year and a half they have played at just about every significant venue, festival, event, and/or benefit in town. They play a wide variety of music from all types of rock, blues, country as well as their own original music. Right now their focus is to finish up their first original studio album before hitting the scene again hard as well as trying to expand their horizons to other great cities near and far to spread their music.

When not playing music Nathan works full time for a non-profit animal rescue called Cassie’s Place. He lives at home with his wife Amber and two sons, Ashton and Sagan. They have 5 dogs and 1 cat at home! Overall his favorite things to do are to spend time with his family, friends, band, play music, watch sports, rescue animals, and eat all kinds of food.

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