Meltdown Cinema

Meltdown Cinema (MC) is a pop-rock band comprised of 13-14 year-old musicians training at The Piano Cottage in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Band members include: Lana (lead vocals/songwriter), Drew (keys/back-up vocals), Sam (drums), Danny (bass guitar), and Jack (guitar). MC has quickly made a splash on the local music scene with their youthful and friendly mix of original “music with a mission.” Auditioning for their spots in the spring of 2016, they quickly created a fun and unique sound, including original songs and covers that speak to kids of their generation. Their first single, “Maze,” explores the many challenging feelings and choices kids face as they try to chart their path during adolescence into adulthood. “Just Be You,” an 80’s style pop-rock song, addresses the serious issue of bullying, encouraging pre-teens and teens to take a stand against the practice and realize their self-worth. Always uplifting and positive, MC hopes to inspire the young and old alike with their message that anything is possible with hard work, big dreams, and music!

Meltdown Cinema was featured last spring on WOODTV-8’s Eight West, announcing the release of Lana Chalfoun’s solo EP, “In the Making.” The band performed at the sold-out EP release party at the Waldron House in Grand Rapids. They have since performed at the popular Piano Cottage Rocks annual concert, and have been invited to speak and perform at a regional health conference about the serious issue of bullying. This past November, MC organized and performed a full-length benefit concert entitled “Rock the Storms” to raise money to help children and families who were affected by the tragic hurricane season of 2017. They were featured on Fox 17’s Morning Mix, to promote the concert, performing two original songs. True to their message of inspiration and hope, Meltdown Cinema uses their music as a platform to help others!

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