Marcus Jones

My name is Marcus Jones, stage name is Marcus J.I’m 20 years old, I’m the oldest of three and I’m from. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I don’t come from a family of entertainment talent, but more from hard workers and athletes, so for me to be blessed with various talents such as acting, modeling, dancing, and singing I knew I was meant for greatness. I’ve always been open when it came to acting and modeling, dancing came later on, but for singing I’ve been so shy about it. I realized I could really sing when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I use to write songs but after a while I stopped because I lost confidence and interest in my singing voice and since then I never told anyone I could really sing up until now. My family and friends will most definitely be surprised that I’m not only in a competition but a SINGING competition knowing none has ever heard me sing. I choose to audition for this competition not only to win but to really get my voice out there and stop being shy about something God has blessed me with. I’ve always loved singing and if I become an artist I will most definitely be an R&B artists. For my performance I’m choosing to sing a song opposite of me because I know what I’m capable of doing vocally when singing an R&B song so I want a song that’s kinda going to challenge me and for people can see that I want me a singer who can sing a variety of genres. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity win or lose because a year ago I would have most definitely passed up this opportunity because I wouldn’t think I was good enough, even after I submitted my audition video I didn’t think at all I was going to bed chosen, but everyone see something in me that I don’t yet and this competition will help me see. From this competition I want people who I know and don’t know that I am more than just an actor, or a model, or even a singer, but an entertainer because every time I hit a stage I want people to remember my name. To win this competition will be an ultimate dream come true and a life changer for me. Even if I don’t win the competition I hope people will continue to follow me and my journey to become that entertainer I know I am destined to be. 2019 will be the year for me growing as a person and as an entertainer and that means stepping out of my comfort zone doing more of what I love more publicly. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time for me because it’s what I’ve been praying on all year and now that it’s finally here the nerves are kicking in, but I’m excited for everyone to finally be introduced to confident Marcus J, the entertainer

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