Leah Weiser

Leah Weiser is eleven-year-old girl born in Los Angeles, California to a Ukrainian mother and a Canadian father. She currently lives in Gainesville, Florida with her parents, seven-year-old brother and four-year-old sister. Leah attends fifth grade at PK Yonge Developmental Research School affiliated with the University of Florida. Leah comes from a musically inclined family. Both her great-grandmother and grandmother sang on stage and were chorus soloists. Her great-grandmother, after whom Leah is named, could play piano just by listening to the song; she did not need to read music. Leah loves to sing, dance and act. These are her biggest interests in life. She loves to share her love and passion for music with the audiences and make them feel good. Leah is very active in her local music and theater community. Her past theater performances include Anne Jr., Charlotte's Web, Seussical Jr., Lion King, The Amish Project, The Jungle Book, and Garlic and Onions, among others. She also danced and sang on Top Talent Live, a local musical talent competition. Leah participates in her school's team Odyssey of the Mind, where acting, singing and creative thinking are involved. Leah is looking forward to performing tonight. The message of her song Anything is Possible from Seussical Jr is simple. No matter how tough life becomes sometimes, if you set your goal and do everything you need to accomplish it - there will be nothing standing in your way. Anything is possible!

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