Kaitlyn Tarro

Kaitlyn Tarro is an up-and-coming artist who started in the small town of Smithfield, Rhode Island. Combining powerful vocals with a warm, soulful tone, Tarro allows for feelings throughout the different varieties of music to resonate in her unique way. She is currently known for her cover work, in which she takes songs to a place where they feel as though they are her own. She first began her musical journey at Smithfield High School, where she found her place in the choir and her music theory class. Prior to this, she had some experience in elementary school choir and musical theatre, where she knew she enjoyed music. However, her high school music classes sparked a passion that would push her to follow the dream of singing. In song, she found peace.

In March 2019, her powerful and soulful sound helped her to win Wakefield Idol, a singing competition in Wakefield, Rhode Island. She is currently a student at Rhode Island College pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music, transferring here from Berklee College of Music. She plans to make music her life, with the goal of becoming a full-time performer/vocalist. Tarro has many influences, especially local. Sarah Potenza, a singer also from Smithfield, Rhode Island, has given Tarro much confidence and pushed her to be her best self. Erika Van Pelt, another Rhode Island native, echoes these ideas, especially during the period of time where Tarro studied voice under her.

Tarro is currently working on building her brand of bluesy pop-rock soulfulness one step at a time. She plays locally around the state, and collaborates with different artists and bands. She writes her own songs, and is working on getting into a studio to produce her first EP. She hopes to show her vision through the sonic images she is able to paint with her voice. She has not only the sound, but the theoretical and historical knowledge of music to cultivate innovative ideas in a contemporary world. As Tarro says, always make sure to "Keep Music in your Heart".

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