Janani Bae

Janani Bae is a fun-loving twelve-year-old singer and songwriter living in upstate New York. She is the only child of two loving parents, both of whom encourage and support her musical career. Her stage appearance is marked by a crown of colorful flowers in honor of her multicultural background—her father is Filipino and her mother is Guyanese.

Janani was born on April 2, 2006 in Norwich, NY. Her parents, pursuant to cultural norms, consulted an astrologer upon her birth who declared that she was destined for music. This destiny was apparent from a young age as Janani amazed family and friends with her voice and quickly excelled at the piano. She also demonstrated early on an innate talent to decipher melodies from simply reading the lyrics.

Through watching YouTube videos, Janani taught herself various singing styles, which has enabled her to organically develop her musical talents. Janani's singing is marked with riffs and runs, and she enjoys experimenting with different tones – like mixing colors of paint.

With her considerable vocal range, at the age of four, Janani debuted in front of an audience at a local daycare center, where her performance was received with a standing ovation. Since then she has performed at Gus Macker, Qymfest, Comic Con, Godstock, and Indigo Production Songwriting Series, and has garnered a strong fan base both from her live shows and on social media.

Following her success with her vocal performances, Janani became interested in writing songs. Janani debuted her first song, "You," in 2017 , on Youtube and won second place in a songwriting contest. Since then, she has written over 50 original songs. Her songs are uplifting, with relatable themes, unique similes and metaphors, and have a resolution or an inspiring twist at the end.

In addition to her own original music, Janani has co-written seven original songs with Robert Clancy, an Inspirational bestselling author who had a divine encounter at age nineteen with Archangel Gabriel when he was contemplating suicide. Janani is performing one of them titled Love Set Me Free—a song about overcoming life's challenges, holding hope and sharing love.

Currently, Janani has been working on her craft. She has attended Neverland Music Retreats in Costa Rica twice where she learned from Grammy winners and Multi-Platinum musicians. She flew to Los Angeles to work with Judy Stakee who taught songwriting to Sheryl Crow and Katy Perry. She has attended Wendee Artist Development Camp and is planning to attend the Dallas Septien Entertainment Group Advanced Artist Development this summer. This year, she is planning to release at least 3 of her own original songs - You, Monsters and Play doh Heart.

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