Hilleah Neve

Hilleah is one of the busiest and hardest working young performers in South Florida. She started performing in children’s theatre groups at the age of 5 and then worked her way through her school theatre program as well as local community theatre. The past 4 productions that she has been a part of have all been in professional, regional theatre. She is currently starring in the regional premiere of Green Day’s American Idiot as “Whatsername”, which has been a dream role for her.

In addition to performing in theatre, Hilleah can be seen throughout Fort Lauderdale a few nights during the week singing at one of the piano bars. Getting to be that close and personal with people as she is entertaining them has solidified the fact that this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life! Hilleah feels very blessed to work with such amazing performers who have become true mentors to her and are always there to help guide her.

In addition to performing, Hilleah loves to cook and bake with her family. She has a serious passion for eating food and takes a lot of pleasure in preparing and making the food. She is also very athletic and loves to play football and ping pong with her family. At the end of her long days, there is nothing that she loves more then to curl up in bed with her pj’s on and her doggie, watch some Netflix, and eat some ice cream!

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