Gianna Stansell

I’ve been singing since I was little, about 3 years, old, but didn’t realize how much I loved singing until singing in a 4th grade talent show. I wasn’t sure what type of music I wanted to sing, but knew my step Dad sang blues, which was a pretty big influence. My real Dad also exposed me to musicals, took me to Operas, and recently signed me up for singing lessons. I was incredibly fortunate to attend Blue lake Fine Arts camp, where I learned a ton about the fundamentals of classical vocal training.

I have also been lucky enough to sing with different school, and community choirs, and have loved performing in school and community musicals as well. I am very excited to have been selected to compete with such talented musicians and have the chance to sing on stage with Ethan!

I truly believe that music can reach people, touch their lives, and make a real positive difference. It is my dream that I will be someone who can use music to make the world a better place someday.

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