Faith Caplinger

My name is Faith Caplinger and I am 15 years old from Dublin, Ohio. I have grown up in a wonderful supportive family who has encouraged my love for singing all of my life. I started out popping up on stages in front of family and friends as soon as 4 years old. Performing was always in my blood. As years went by, I joined a choir by the age of eight. Along with elementary school, I was experiencing opportunities like singing the National Anthem at the Schottenstein Center and participating in local competitions. In middle school I pursued the main lead of Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” and got some more acting experience under my belt. I was still participating in local competitions, and in the eighth grade I won “The Voice of The City.” I have always done charitable work also. Yearly around Christmas time, I would go to the mall and collect donations for The Ronald McDonald House Charities by singing for the customers. Singing has been a huge part of my life, has helped show me who I am, and is a great part of who I am today. I am glad that there is such love for music in today’s society especially when there is brokenness in the world. Music is changing lives, and it needs to be celebrated!

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