Dominik Klemetsrud

Dominik Klemetsrud is a 16-year old oboist from Jacksonville, FL. His love for oboe started in grade school during a music class where students were encouraged to listen to multiple different instruments. By the end of that class he had fallen in love with its sound. As he continued practicing into middle school, he realized that musical performance is his true passion and made the move to attend LaVilla School of the Arts, where he met a very accomplished and well-known oboist and prominent music educator, Dr. Ann Adams, and remains under her guidance to this day.

Currently he is a Wind Symphony band student at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts directed by Mr. Ted Shistle, diligently working on improving his skills. His aspirations are to attend a renowned conservatory or university and ultimately play with an internationally recognized orchestra such as the Philadelphia Philharmonic or New York Philharmonic. Outside of school, Dominik is a member of the Philharmonic ensemble for the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra (JSYO). For the past 2 years he has also been under the guidance of another accomplished oboist, Xiaodi Liu, who has helped bring his talent to new levels as she always challenges him with new and more complicated pieces.

Dominik has won numerous awards, with some of his greatest achievements so far being; participation in the Florida All-State Symphonic Orchestra, winner of the American Protégé International Woodwinds and Brass Competition 2018 with a solo performance at the Carnegie Hall, and All-District 17 Honors Band. He also has a long list of music summer programs that he attended including Philadelphia International Music Festival, Florida State University Honors Chamber program and International Music Camp in Canada, and several others.

In his limited free time, Dominik enjoys playing a guitar, piano or really any instrument he can get a hold of. He also loves to spend time with his family and friends, travelling locally or overseas, and trying as many exotic foods as he can find. This past year, he went to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. A few years ago, he also travelled to Budapest-Hungary and Vienna-Austria where he visited many of their historical musical landmarks.

Dominik has two younger brothers, Nataneil and William, who love him unconditionally and enjoy the "home concerts" he gives them on a weekly basis. His extended family are from North Dakota on his father's side and Poland on his mother's side, making it difficult for them to attend many of his performances. They do however, make it to them when they can.

Dominik is super excited for having the opportunity to share his passion with all of you and very grateful for your VOTE!

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