Diana Whitcomb

My name is Diana R. Whitcomb and I am from Wilmington, Delaware. I grew up dancing, playing piano, and horseback riding. I always loved music and my parents took me to my first Broadway show when I was four. It was The Lion King. I loved the environment and the atmosphere a musical created and we started going back as often as we could. We would see national tours when they came through Philadelphia and that’s when I fell in love with Phantom. I saw Gary Mauer play the Phantom and I was sold on it. I thought his voice was perfection and his acting so well detailed and thoughtful. I can still remember everything he did and exactly the way his voice sounded. I have now seen the show countless time and am absolutely in love with Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score. I recently went to New York and got to meet the first woman I ever saw play Christine Daae, Marni Raab. She was everything I ever dreamed Broadway performers to be and she was so nice and she and Maree Johnson talked with my friend Lauren and I for a while. I don’t know what my life would be like without Broadway and with Phantom of the Opera. I am so in love with music and hope I will be lucky enough to have a career in it.

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