Dalton Earley and Emmabelle Glendenning

Dalton is 8 years old, from Vincent, Ohio. He first took the stage participating in pageants at 6 months old, and has held multiple local titles. He became interested in acting at 5, and by age 6, added voice lessons and has been singing ever since. Most recently he played Randy, in A Christmas Story, the Musical at Rising Star Casino.

Emmabelle is a 9 year old from Uniontown, Pennsylvania. She started dance at age 18 months and has competed on a dance team, winning several awards. She's done natural pageants and has won local, state, and international awards and titles. At age 4 she knew she wanted to be on TV, so she started acting and singing classes and attended her first big showcase at age 5. She has worked on a movie set, in theatre, and recently was cast as Dorothy in an upcoming New York City production of Wizard of Oz.

The duo met in July, of 2017, at a talent showcase. With so much in common, they quickly became best friends and their families have kept in touch ever since, supporting each other’s journeys. They’re very excited to finally be performing together!

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