Cynthia Topping

My name is Cynthia Topping and I’m 19 years old. I live in Tubac, AZ, but am currently signed with Signature Models & Talent based in Phoenix. Acting and modeling have always been a passion of mine that I hope to build a career for myself out of. However, when my agency sent me this opportunity, I took a chance and have had fun with it so far. I have played the violin since I was younger, but I really wanted to audition with something outside of my comfort zone. I have always enjoyed singing, but never felt the confidence to share my voice with others. This competition seems very helpful and open to people of all talents which is what really encouraged me to give it a try. I have gained confidence through my agency and now this opportunity, but also, experience which is something I try to never turn down. I am grateful for the opportunity, winning or not. It has allowed me to try something new and explore different areas of myself. This was a talent I was not completely sure about, but I am so happy I get to experiment with it a little bit. Although I usually only sing in the shower and in my car, I am very glad I opened myself up to this opportunity. I am submitting “Tattoo” by Jordan Sparks for my video because this song has a lot of personal meaning to me. I truly relate to the song and I am very passionate about it. I have been practicing like crazy and I really hope you enjoy this journey with me!

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