Connor Hardy

Hello My Name Is Connor Hardy And I Am Currently 13 Years Old At The Time Of Writing This (Ile Be 14 Soon So Just Ignore The 13 Part) Im A Singer And A Cover Artist. I Picked Up A Guitar 1 Year Ago And Im Already Playing Very Well. My Music Taste Has Evolved Since I Was A Kid When I Was Little I Would Listen To The Likes Of The Great Johnny Cash And The Late Hank Williams (Sir But I Did Listen To Jr) When I Was About 10 My Dad Introduced Me To The British Progressive Rock Band Pink Floyd And I've Been Hooked Ever Sense. I've Spent Many Nights In The Summer Trying To Play Songs From The Dark Side Of The Moon All The Way To The Wall.

To Me Music Is All About The Way It’s Played (If It’s Played Well) Like David Gilmour He's A Music Idol Of Mine I Strive To Be Like Him In Anyway I Can. But To Me Awso If You Have Fun Playing The Music That's All That Matters You Could Have The Crappiest Guitar On This Planet But Hey If You Have Fun Playing It Then That's Great. I Joined This To Show Off My Talent And To Show Off My Love For Music I Plan To Do A Cover Of Something Off Of Pink Floyd’s The Wall Or Better Yet The Who’s Tommy But All That Matters Is That I Have Fun Doing It.

I Promise Last Thing Im Currently About To Start High School At Pleasure Ridge Park High School Once Im Done I Would Love To Study Animation And Become An Animator. I Would Love To Possibly Animate My Favorite Albums Like Green Day’s American Idiot,Jesus Christ Superstar,The Who’s Tommy, And My All Time Favorite Album Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I Hope I Have Your Vote And Im Sure To Rock The Crowd To The Core When I Step Out Onto The Stage On August 18th See You There.

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