Ciara Arthur

“She Believed She Could So She Did”,a quote glistening and holding proudly on Ciara’s wall reminds her of why she began to sing. If a genie was to give Ciara three wishes, her wishes would be to - wish for more wishes,ultimate health/happiness for her family and to have equality in the world.Ciara feels as though the world can be such a cruel place,but it is all in the way we respond is what really matters the most.She realizes that the only thing that brings people from a variety of ages,ethnicities and cultures is music! Ciara humbly shares her ability to sing with the world in hope to be able to spread love to one another and happiness to all throughout the world.

Ciara is an, outgoing,crazy,funny and down-to-earth. Also being very goal-oriented,Ciara knows what she wants to achieve in life and that is to become a positive role model. Ciara is 17 years old and is currently a senior in high school! Growing up as a military kid,she has been around the world,living in different countries,and too many states to count! Being a military kid calls for being resilient and adjusting to any situation necessary, Flying on planes are her favorite in addition to meeting new people.Ciara has also been to 10 ten different schools. As the oldest of four siblings,she leads by example and gives 110% in everything she does. Her mother is currently serving in the U.S Army while her dad is an Auto Mechanic! One day she wants to take her family to brazil during carnival. Mixed with Hawaiian, Native American, British Guyanese, African American, Italian,French and German, she creates diversity amongst her competition!

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