Charisma Tran

As a Disney Dreamer & Doer and Miracle Maker, 9-year-old Charisma has determined to make the world a better place at an early age. She founded 'Project Moo' by dressing up as a cow girl and sell mini toy cow at 'Chick Fil A' to raise funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In addition, Charisma participated in many environmental protection projects including storm drain labeling, park cleanup and Eco Fashion Shows. Recently, Charisma volunteered as a sparkle squad to help little girls from the homeless shelter to dress up like princesses. Two weeks ago, Charisma created “Miracle Frappuccino” to raise funds at Models4Miracles and she championed a little girl who suffered from congenital heart defect to get a limo ride and to rock the runway.

Charisma loves singing, dancing and musical theater. She started to sing along with DJ Lance from Yogabagaba when she was only two years old and she performed her first solo on stage at four. In 2014, Charisma won her first National talent competition singing “Let it go” by learning to sing just by listening to the radio. When Charisma started second grade, she told her parents that she really wants to learn to sing but her dad is not very supportive of extracurricular activities. Luckily, her mom found her an amazing teacher a few months later. Last summer, Charisma wanted to challenge herself and to conquer stage fright by trying out musical theater. Since then she was blessed with the opportunities to participate in the production of Cinderella Kids, Aladdin Jr., Beauty and the Beast and Alice in Wonderland.

Charisma also enjoys drawing, coloring, blowing bubbles, jumping on the trampoline, making eco crafts and doing science experiments. She has two brothers, one sister, one sister in law, one baby niece and she called herself “BAE- Best Aunt Ever.”

Born and raised in Orlando, Charisma always wants to be a princess and she loves all Disney songs. She fell in love with all the songs when she watched the movie “Moana.” Among all the songs, her favorite is “How far I’ll go” and she wants to perform this song to see how far she can go!

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