Caitlin Brehart

Caitlin Brehart a.k.a. Cait The Great lives in North Windham CT and is 24 years old. Caitlin has enjoyed singing since she was little but has not had any real voice training other than attending chorus classes in high school. Currently Caitlin is in a band named Offbeat Souls with her friend James. Singing is her first love and hula hooping is her close second, although Cait does enjoy many other Flow Arts as well such as Levi-Wand, Wings & Poi!

Caitlin started her own business on March 7th 2018 called Brehart Flow Arts, which focuses on bringing Flow Arts to the youth by teaching in CT schools, local community events and much more! Flow Arts is all about prop manipulation which can put you in a state of flow that allows you to be present in this moment and perhaps experience pure bliss. Caitlin has been hula hooping since March 2014 and picked it up during a hard time in her life. The hoop became her best friend and form of therapy giving her a way to express herself through dance & music. If it wasn’t for the hoop, Caitlin wouldn’t be where she is today and looks forward to the exciting journey ahead.

In addition to owning her own business, Caitlin also has two other jobs. One job is a Life Skills Instructor for The Arc of New London County at a group home with four wonderful ladies. She assists them with daily living and encourages them to be as independent as possible, while making good choices. Her second job is a Personal Care Attendant for Connecticut Community Care for a one on one person, whom has become like family to her. Caitlin assists with his Doctor appointments, shopping, errands, bill paying, etc. Working for both companies gives Caitlin a sense of purpose and perspective in life. You never know what life may throw at you or what others have going on in their lives. Working with various types of mental & physical capabilities keeps Caitlin constantly learning and growing.

Another important thing to know about Caitlin is her love for animals! She has always had animals growing up and has quite the zoo at home including her two cats Mama & Princess, her two ferrets Carl & Denny and her rescue dog Hula! Caitlin seems to always take in animals and finds it extremely difficult to turn down an animal in need, Caitlin is getting another dog named Cha Cha and maybe some chickens this summer, but Caitlin’s boyfriend says no more after that, except maybe a goat in the very distant future!

In the years to come Caitlin hopes to be able to pursue Singing more & become financially sustainable off her new business. Being able to teach and perform Flow Arts full time would be an absolute dream come true! However, the real gift of following your dreams is being able to inspire others to do what they love and do it with confidence.

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