Brianna Brudenell

An athlete with a passion for song, Brianna Brudenell is a 17-year-old junior at Berkley High School in Michigan.

From age five, when she began playing soccer, Brianna has enjoyed singing to family, friends and just about anyone who wanted to listen.

She joined the school choir in sixth grade and continued to mix her musical talents with track and soccer programs at school.

In 2017, Brianna traveled with members of the Berkley High choir through Austria and Italy, where she visited Teatro La Fenice opera house in Venice for a performance.

While a member of a Midwest travel soccer squad and a key defender on the Berkley High varsity soccer team, Brianna has accepted offers to sing the national anthem at high school hockey games and for the Red Wings’ affiliate the Kalamazoo Wings.

Brianna has two dogs, a younger sister, Reese, and enjoys shopping at the mall with her friends and eating ice cream.

Singing and soccer are her passions, Brianna recently discovering “Funny Girl” Barbra Streisand.

Through song, Brianna has truly found a voice in the world as a teenager.

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