Breanne Sensenig

Hello! My name is Breanne Sensenig. I am twenty one years old and from a little city called Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am the second oldest of 6 adopted children, creating a family of all different backgrounds and ethnicities. I have four brothers, one sister and two very loving parents. I recently began the search for my birth family in Columbus, Georgia. I hope that doing this show and having this opportunity will create enough exposure and open doors that will help make the journey a bit easier. I am nervous yet excited to see what I can find out!

Singing has always been a passion of mine. I first knew that I adored performing when I sang at a Christmas party an adoption agency was holding when I was about four or five. I made up some choreography and sang with a real microphone for the very first time and at that moment I just knew that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Since then, I have done musical theater and performed in shows like Hair, Seussical, and even Rocktopia, which was a show/concert on Broadway. I have auditioned for shows like NBC’s The Voice, ABC’s American Idol, and FOX’s The Four. I enjoy doing other local talent competitions like New York’s Got Talent and Lancaster’s Got Talent, as well as doing gigs and performances in cities like Lancaster and Philadelphia. I am very excited to see what other opportunities arise in the future!

Besides singing and performing, I also enjoy art. Portraits, the earth and wildlife are the things I enjoy to draw. I also like writing music, short stories and novels. I have not published or released anything quite yet, but I am excited to continue to work on everything and share it with the world soon! I work at a school called U-Gro Learning Centers as a toddler teacher and floater. I work with children who’s ages range from infancy to around eight or nine. I adore my job so much. I love being able to help the children and their families and being a positive influence in their lives. I also work with the best people and I know they are rooting for me back home!

I am beyond excited to have this opportunity to participate in Celebration of Music. I am excited to share my story and talents with the world and go on this journey. I would like to thank Celebration of Music for working with me and being patient with me throughout this process, and for giving me this opportunity. I appreciate it very much! I would like to thank my family and friends for all of their support in everything that I do. I look forward to performing and celebrating music with all these talented people, let’s do this!

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