Austin Fabre

Music has been a constant source of joy for Austin from an early age. Austin is 11 years old and attends Mayfair Lab School in Baton Rouge where he’s beginning 6th grade. He started his musical journey as a baby, drumming to The Blue Man Group wherever he went. He’s performed in front of audiences since he was 2 years old, singing, playing piano and more recently, guitar. When he was 6 years old, he won a karaoke competition on a Carnival cruise. He also completed training as a model through Barbizon USA in 2018 and has been selected to compete in a competition in Dallas, TX, in August and was also selected to compete in Barbizon’s Passport to Discovery, one-week cruise in October where over 100 agencies will be searching for new talent.

In addition to Austin’s love for music and modeling, he has competed on the YMCA swim team for three years, winning several 1st place ribbons. He has completed all levels of Cub Scouts, where he won 1st place in the Derby Car competition once and won 3rd place in the Father-Son Baking Competition once. He’s now an avid Boy Scout. He loves fishing and gymnastics too. Austin attends classes at Gymfit where he’s learning parkour and circus acts. Of course, Austin also finds time for gaming and he’s a serious Fortnight enthusiast whose got his sights set on being a gaming Youtuber one day. He’s also an entrepreneur. Austin has operated a lemonade stand since he was 5 years old and was featured in Baton Rouge’s The Advocate newspaper when he was 6 years old and when he was 9 years old. In 2017 he raised $540 in one afternoon for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in support of his 12-year-old cousin who was diagnosed with lymphoma. His salesmanship has been noticed by customers who have left business cards for him to consider employment with them when he grows up. Check out his Facebook page at Austin’s Lemonade Stand or Austinforlemonade. Austin has done all these things while being challenged with a mood disorder and several learning difficulties. He’s a tenacious and determined person.

It is music, however, that brings Austin the most happiness. He’s always enjoyed singing in school and church performances and playing piano recitals. In December 2018, he began taking guitar lessons and playing in a Baton Rouge School of Rock 101 band. Playing in the band has taken Austin’s talent to a new level because he’s experiencing how all the different instruments and singing come together to create something beautiful and exciting. Celebration of Music is the epitome of this kind of experience and that’s why he’s so honored to be a part of the show. Give him your vote today!

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