Arianna Nieto

At age 16, Arianna is In her Junior year at Roosevelt High School. Although she takes her education seriously (She is an honor and AP student, with a cumulative GPA of over 4.2), Arianna's passion has always been to sing. She is also part of the Roosevelt High Madrigals- competing in various competitions held at Disneyland and in San Francisco-to name a few.

At age 8 she began attending the Fender Center of the Performing Arts. Upon realizing Arianna's strong, melodic voice, instructor Ruben Guaderrama soon placed her alongside her brother Andrew (guitarist), in a premiere band by the name of "UNBROKEN". They were soon performing in various venues, and then eventually across the country for the Lucas Oil Racing Events- where Arianna also was given the honor to perform the National Anthem in front of thousands of event spectators.

Arianna has performed the National Anthem at the Citizens Bank Arena for the Ontario Fury, several events for the City of Eastvale such as the Veteran's Day event, Eastvale's Picnic in the Park, at a formal event recognizing the President of CNUSD and many other large venues for thousands in attendance. She continues to attend the Fender Center of the Performing Arts/Kids Rock Free School of Music in Corona, CA- where she has attended Voice Class with Jessica McKee and is currently studying the guitar with Ruben Guaderrama. Her new Band with Kids Rock Free is looking forward to performing at the upcoming NAMM show in Anaheim, CA. at the end of January , 2018.

Arianna and her brother Andrew, have also recently formed their own band project named 'moistpeach' (one word, all lower case!). As you can see, this young lady has a natural born talent for music and is honored to share it.

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