Ansley Trivedi

Ansley Trivedi was born on June of 2009 and since day 1, has had starry eyes and a determination to be successful in the arts. Ansley has a deep passion for singing, dancing, acting, or anything else that can be performed for an audience. Ansley's mother (Tiffany) and I can't remember a day when she wasn't looking to perform for us, friends, family, the neighborhood, etc.

Ansley's passion for music was instilled in her by her mom before birth. Tiffany learned that a fetus can hear at 18 weeks and since the day Ansley reached that mark, Tiffany ensured Ansley heard hours of great music from all genres. This included Classical Symphonies, Rock n Roll, 80's pop, Motown, Grunge, Rap, and even Bollywood music, as Ansley is 50% Indian. Ansley’s exposure to a wide array of music continued after birth and we noticed the effects when the best way to soothe baby Ansley at night was by playing Lady Gaga songs.

By 2, Ansley was walking and talking and thus began her pursuit of singing. Her earliest performances were for mommy and daddy in the bath tub. She then evolved to singing lullabies to her baby brother, Tristan. Before we knew it, Ansley was grabbing the mic at public singing events and was performing any chance she got!

One value we have attempted to instill in Ansley is that success comes through hard work – regardless of what path you choose. Ansley taken this lesson to heart and applies it at school to all of her extracurricular activities. Ansley is currently studying Piano, taking vocal lessons, performs in school plays, takes acting lessons and studies Acrobatics, Contemporary and Hip Hop dance classes, and has still managed to consistently make honor roll.

Ansley is honored, excited, and eager to be a part of Celebration of Music. Some of her favorite songs to sing are Fight Song by Rachael Platten and The Climb by Miley Cyrus as they both inspire her to continue to reach for her dreams.

When Ansley has free time, she enjoys playing, sleepovers with friends, making YouTube videos, going to the beach, and of course, visits to Disney 5X a year!

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