Annie Zhang

Annie Zhang, 15 years old, is from Cincinnati. She currently attends William Mason High School. She began learning Chinese dance at the age of 6 and was introduced to Erhu, a traditional Chinese two-stringed instrument, at 9. Annie continues to play the Erhu because of its uniqueness and sound quality. She feels she has a stronger connection with the classic instrument than with previous instruments she’s played before.

Ever since elementary school, Annie has been able to perform annually both dance and Erhu at many Chinese cultural events and festivals such as at Macy’s, Procter and Gamble, Asian Food Fest, and other Chinese New Year celebrations in the tri-state area. Annie’s first large scale performance in 3rd grade at the Metropolitan Museum in New York sparked her attention for dance. She has then had the opportunity to dance in the 3rd Ann Arbor Moon Festival and on Fox 19.

Chinese dance and Erhu has opened many travel opportunities for Annie to perform and compete. Her dance teacher took her to Shenzhen, China freshman year to compete in the Overseas Global Chinese dance finals. This year, she and a few dancers travelled to Hong Kong for the 12th Global Youth Talent competition, where Annie placed 1st in the dance category for her solo. She has also been very fortunate to be able to travel to Los Angeles and Chicago multiple times to compete. Her enjoyment in dance has allowed her to become the 2018 cover model for Cathy Roe’s Ultimate Dance Competition this year.

Erhu is not as well known in America, so Annie has cherished the many opportunities and competitions she is able to perform with the instrument, as it helps to spread the refreshing Chinese culture. She recently competed with Erhu in the New York Chinese Instruments International Competition, happily receiving first. Though as a young child Annie did not really have strong interest for Erhu, she has come to love it more and more as the years have gone by, and now it is one of her favorite things to do.

Aside from dance and Erhu, Annie also takes pleasure in drawing and painting. Annie loves creative writing, and was fortunate to achieve 1st in states in Power of the Pen in middle school. Annie spends an immense amount of time taking pictures and eating. Food is a strong interest of hers, which is why baking and cooking are apart of her hobbies as well.

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