Ambrosia Romo

I have long been known as the token kid who runs off without needing anyone’s permission and does what she wants. I have continued this pattern and pursued my biggest dreams despite rejections and trials. I have had a long journey up until this point in my story, where I find myself at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Although I am attending the academy I am still in my setback time off before I return to continue my classes and ultimately my dream of commissioning as an officer in the Air Force. Through it all, the most consistent part of my life has been the support of my family, my faith and my passion for music and singing. I have come in and out of prep schools, (yes that is plural!), and I have attempted application after application for military academies and without fail my love for singing has prevailed. I started singing at a very young age, I lived my entire childhood being sung to by my father. His artistic ability and expertise on the guitar guided me to my passion for music. I was everyday encouraged by my parents to never give up and continue my practice. One day they brought home a family karaoke machine and from that moment forward I truly began to refine and perfect my style and strengths vocally. When middle school came around I pursued choir and eventually found my faith and became involved with the church worship team. This truly assisted in any vocal weaknesses and built my confidence in front of more people. I found out in high school that my new passion was musical theatre. I loved the aspect of acting and the vast versatility of stage presence and musical range. I became very close to my theatre family and to this day the experiences I gained in that theatre program has continued to inspire me to pursue opportunities such as this one! I am someone who adores trying new things and pushing my limits. I appreciate growth and triumph. My transformation musically has been a whirlwind and I am extremely excited to see where my passion and love for singing will continue to take me.

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