Allyson Grace Smith

Hello Atlanta! My name is Ally Grace! I am 10 years old and live with my sister, parents, and two cute dogs in Milton, Georgia. I have been singing since I was three. Music has been very important in my life to help me find my “voice”. I have a learning difference called Dyslexia that makes reading extra hard for me. I have had to switch schools twice and I spend a lot of time working to overcome challenges. Things are going great now, I love my new school Saint Francis; they are the best!! But schoolwork still gets exhausting. Dyslexia makes me have to work really, really hard to succeed, and sometimes I get stressed out. I know when I get home I can close the door to my playroom and write songs to express my feelings. There is something about music that helps me to focus on my strength!!! One day I plan to open a music therapy center to help other kids like me with learning differences. In fact, I get to sing in Tower of Talent this year to help Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta build their own music therapy center! I know from experience, music makes life better and I want to share it with as many people as I can. Maybe one day I will be a star or maybe I will sing at my church. As long as I get to sing, I will be happy. Oh, and I also started acting this year and joined Jr. Troupe at Off Broadway Children’s Theatre!! Shout out to all of my new friends! My biggest supporter has been my Voice instructor Ms Debbie Walker with RISPA. She never lets me give up, she believes in me and it helps me to believe in myself. She thinks I’m going to make it! When my mom told me I was chosen for Celebration of Music I told her that I think my dreams are coming true! I know this is going to be my best year yet. I’m honored to be a part of this special show. Thank you for supporting me and for your votes.

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