Alicia Nakia Rae

My name is Alicia Nakia Rae. I’m 24 years old, from a small town called Stevens point in Wisconsin. My town is so small and ever since I moved here for college, I’ve had the urge to venture outside of mycomfort zone and see the world and express my talent and passion that I have found within myself. Until about age 19, I was SO SCARED to sing for anyone ... I was a dancer and I had no problem dancing on stage and performing because I had always been a natural at it, but for some odd reason singing was a fear of mine I never thought I would pursue or overcome. Luckily one day in my dorm room I gained the courage to post a video on Facebook of my voice. The positive feedback was heartwarming and it gave me the confidence to pursue what I have come to fall in love with and what isnow my one and only true passion. Since then, I have sang everyday and taught myself guitar as well. Singing and playing music is not just something to do, it’s what I’m meant to do. It’s never a hassle or work that I don’t enjoy. I have since been in and out of college because I found this passion of mine that I believe can take me places in life and it is just taking longer than I would have wanted... unfortunately money is a big factor in moving and pursuing this dream but I’m never going to give up. Music makes me feel confident and important and gives me the chance to express myself and connect with others. Hopefully this opportunity will let my passion shine through to all who are watching.

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