Alicia Chu

Alicia Chu, 11, is a sixth grade distinguished honors student at H.B. duPont Middle School. She has been playing piano, taking ballet, and Chinese folk dancing since the age of 4. At the age of 9, she auditioned and was accepted into the Select Choirs in Wilmington Children’s Chorus, as the youngest chorist there by two years. She has also self taught herself a famous Chinese song “I Love You China” by listening to Youtube and competed in the WaterCube Cup Chinese song competition in 2017 and reached the final round. Soon after, Alicia began taking vocal lesson with Mr. Chunfeng Li at Baltimore. After only three months of training by Mr Li, she participated in the AFAF olden Voice International Competition and won the first place for her age group, even being invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in December of 2017. She then performed with her teacher Mr. Li for the 2018 New Year Celebration in Washington D.C.. Besides her talent in vocal, Alicia also demonstrates her talents in musical instruments, acting and dancing. Alicia has performed at Carnegie Hall as a piano competition winner in 2016 and 2017. She won the Preteen Honorable Mention Actress of the year 2017 in the IMTA competition in NY. She also has competed in the Youth America Grand Prix as a ballet dancer in 2018. Alicia has a strong passion to serve the community and share the beauty of music with people, she has been performing in many community festivals, senior centers as a singer, dancer and pianist for many years.

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