Abby Black

Abby Lane Black was destined to have music in her life. She was named after the combination of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and “Penny Lane”. Also, both of her parents are musicians so it was easy for Abby to follow in their footsteps.

Abby had her first solo at the age of ten in her elementary school choir. She then went on to attend The School For Creative And Performing Arts where she majored in vocal performance and minored in piano. While at SCPA she was part of the top ranked vocal ensemble called “Chorale” and the a cappella group called “The Babygrands.” With both ensembles she was able to compete and travel worldwide. Abby had the opportunity to compete in a national completion in Italy where her a cappella group won second place. She was also lucky enough to travel to Beijing, China with Chorale and sing at the Forbidden City and on national TV.

After high school Abby tried the “normal school” thing so she chose to go to Ohio University. But after her first semester she realized that music would always be a major part of her heart no matter how far she runs. So she would go to the OU music school practice rooms and practice piano and singing everyday. She also wrote her first song there followed by many more! Although OU was a good learning experience for Abby, she decided to transfer closer to home to the University of Cincinnati her sophomore year. There she studied marketing and minored in communication. After switching her major a few more times she realized once again something just wasn’t right. There wasn’t a time in class or a walk through campus when she didn’t have moving to California and pursing her dreams to become a singer in the back of her mind.

She realized she had to face her fears and make a decision. So she decided to end her college career and pursue music full time! This was the best decision she felt she had ever made for herself. Abby now gigs around Cincinnati and released her first single called “STRONG.” She dedicated this song to the MeToo Movement. This caught the attention of Channel 9 news and Abby was interviewed on local TV about her song just days after the release. Abby continues to pursue her dreams to become a singer/songwriter. Whether it’s singing in church to singing at restaurants, bars, and other events, Abby is determined to make her dreams come true.

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